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Election Results


Sister Lisa Long has been elected to the position of General Vice President. Welcome aboard Lisa. We look forward to working with you


Dean Woronoski


October 2014


Please click on the following link to hear an AM 1290 radio podcast with Local President Dean Woronoski and Steve Garrison about the Canada Post cuts on October 9th 2014.



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In Solidarity

Dean Woronoski

Local President


Election to the Canada Post Pension Advisory Council


London Local 566 is proud to announce that sister Aym Ramsay, Letter Carrier at Depot 4, has been elected to complete the term of the Representative of All Active members of the Canada Post pension plan. Aym has a background in finance and will provide excellent representation for all Canada Post Pension Plan members. I know Aym is anxious to start her new role and we wish her well.



Dean Woronoski


Local President


London Local 566



Western Fair Booth


London Local 566 took part in the Western Fair by setting up an information booth. Volunteers handed out information packages as well as over 150 lawn signs supporting our Save Canada Post campaign. We also had petitions available and collected more than one thousand signatures in support of maintaining Canada Post services. We were well received by the public. Thank you to all who volunteered making this event a great success.

In Solidarity

Dean Woronoski

Local President



Save Canada Post. Please click on the following link to take action. Do something.


Save Canada Post







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