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Results of the local elections on April 12,2014

 ,   President: Dean Woronoski

1st Vice President: Kim Smith

Secretary Treasurer: Joanne Starr

2nd Vice President: Sharon Samuels

Chief Steward Internal: Don Rex

Chief Steward External: Julien Gignac

General Vice President: Tom Copping

Sargeant at Arms: Rick Pouffe


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Save Canada Post

On January 28th, Members of Parliament (MPs) debated, for over five hours, an opposition motion in support of keeping door-to-door delivery. The New Democratic Party (NDP) motion stated "That, in the opinion of the House, door-to-door mail delivery is a valuable service provided by Canada Post, and that this House express its opposition to Canada becoming the only country in the G7 without such a service." MPs from all opposition parties argued in favour of the motion. Many wanted to know why Canada Post and the government had not considered postal banking as a way to generate money and preserve services like door-to-door delivery. The NDP called the Canada Post plan a five-point plan for disaster. They said, "It is inconceivable that such major cuts are being pursued without proper public consultation. The public owns Canada Post. It has a right to input." Many NDP members took the opportunity to give voice to the concerns of seniors, people with mobility issues, large volume mailers and the public. One MP pointed out that he had a foot and a half of petitions already. The Green Party and Bloc Quebecois also raised the concerns of constituents. Liberal MPs took issue with the salaries and bonuses of senior management and questioned the government's motivation. "I am hard-pressed not to believe that, in fact, the government's ultimate intention is to drive Canada Post into privatization. That is where the Conservatives would like to go. They take cherished Canadian public services like the postal service and they begin to run it down They run down the asset and then they turn around and say, we really would like to see this asset privatized." said one Liberal MP. The Conservatives were not interested in listening to concerns or suggestions for alternatives to major cuts. They staunchly defended the plan to eliminate door-to-door delivery and force over 5 million Canadians to use community mailboxes. Conservative MPs voted down the NDP motion in support of maintaining this important service. The vote was 128 in favour and 146 against. You can read what government and opposition party members said by going to:

CUPW would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank the NDP for moving the motion and all opposition parties for their outstanding defence of door-to-door delivery. The debate over postal cuts and rate hikes will continue in the months to come and in the lead up to the 2015 federal election. CUPW intends to work with allies to fight this Conservative plan for our post office. In solidarity, Gayle Bossenberry 1st National Vice-President







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