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July 3 2014-07-03


New Circle Check Scanning


Management held mini meetings in the Letter Carrier Depots today informing them of a new scanning process required when completing their circle checks. A short video was provided explaining that scanning a barcode under the hood was required as well as entering mileage into the PDT. The Local was not consulted with before implementing this process. We have sent several queries about values and whether this was consulted on at the National level. We will be raising several concerns at our next Local consultation. The video instructed carriers to identify defects that may require the expertise of a mechanic. The Local will be seeking information from our National office on how realistic the expectations of the video are. Several phone calls from carriers have raised concerns that they do not feel adequately trained to properly complete this new circle check and that they believe management's intention to force scanning will not result in better circle checks. They also stated that this was management finding ways to blame the employees for the breakdown of inferior vehicles. The Local advises that the circle check must be done in accordance with federal regulations and will be seeking further information on all of these matters.


In Solidarity

Dean Woronoski

Local President


LMPP Rumours


The Human Rights conference took place in Ottawa on the weekend of June 19-21, 2014. Several participants came back stating that the Toronto local has been discussing the closure of the LMPP in their consultations. Sister Sharon Samuels confirmed with Meghan Whitfield , the Toronto Local President that this was not the case. Toronto is discussing the shortage of employees to address the raw mail that will be coming from London and Southern Ontario areas.


On Wednesday June 25 at Local consultation, we asked management if there were plans to shut down LMPP. They were a bit surprised with the question and replied that there were no plans that they were aware of and that their current focus was on the August 25th changes as well as the roll out of community mail box installations. They stated that the plan was to maintain the four sequencing machines in London and there were not any short or long term plans to close LMPP.


While plans may change it is necessary to seek accurate information and not panic over rumours and misunderstandings. Members need to make their decisions based on accurate information. The current reality at LMPP is that there will be a reduction of 44 full time jobs and 4 part time jobs. It also seems that Toronto is in need of full time employees and is consulting on the creation of full time positions to handle the increased work load.


The presentation given at consultation provided us with the delivery schedules and projected shift schedules. The Local will be countering at the next consultation in an effort to win back some day positions. We also expect to discuss how and when a bid will take place. The next consultation will take place on July 23, 2014. We will keep you posted


Dean Woronoski


Local President


London Local 566




Canada Post made an announcement this morning at LMPP. This Local was not aware of the announcement coming. Members are reporting that Tony Okeefe announced to the work floor that downsizing would occur at LMPP resulting in a loss of 49 full time jobs and 9 part time jobs. It is also reported that he announced that anyone with less than 5 years seniority will be released and about 383,000 pieces of mail will be sent to the South Central and Gateway Processing plants. The Local received the official notice this morning after the work floor announcement. The notice states that effective August 25th 2014, all originating letter mail and mechanized addressed admail from London, Winsor, Owen Sound, Kitchener and their surrounding areas will be sent to the South Central Letter mail Processing Plant and Gateway West Processing Plant in Toronto for processing. The official announcement states a loss of 44 full time jobs and 4 part time jobs in LMPP. We are not sure if these numbers include Supervisor positions.

We do not know what Mr Okeefeā€™s comment about anyone with less than 5 years means but we have job security as per article 53 of our Collective Agreement. Anyone hired before December 21, 2012 is protected by this article. We will seek clarification on this comment.

We will be seeking consultation on this announcement and will keep our member posted on the details as they are provided.

In Solidarity

Dean Woronoski

Local President



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